Wild Yoga

Yoga in the wild. Experience yoga the way nature intended.

Santa Fe’s best yoga in nature experience

It Starts With An Outdoor Space

Nestled away in the forest of Santa Fe New Mexico lies a hidden treasure. A sandy beach landing, an ocean of trees that line the sky, and a tangible energy combined of positivity and tranquility you can feel. This is mother nature’s miracle. This is Yoga Ma’s outdoor yoga space. It is Abrazo’s.

Abrazo is Spanish for an embrace. When you step into Yoga Ma’s outside yoga space that’s exactly what happens. Abrazo’s greets you with an embrace and welcomes you for an adventure of Spirit.

Wild Yoga Is An Experience

Yoga & Meditation in Nature

There’s something special about practicing yoga at Abrazo’s. Nature not only embraces you, it supports and encourages you to evolve while discovering the true essence of yoga. You connect mind, body, and Spirit and transform your understanding of one-self and realize a unity within you and all that is. Wild Yoga at Abrazo’s is an experience of yoga’s true intention. Do yourself a favor and experience a gathering!

Discover The True Meaning of Yoga

Beginners. Yoga enthusiasts. Locals. Tourists. Artists. Industrialists. Executives. Singles. Families. Yoga Ma welcomes anyone who is willing to discover the true nature of yoga to Wild Yoga.

Outside Yoga With No Limitations

Yoga In The Wild

Abrazo’s is a remarkable space. The energy there is beyond words to describe. But Wild Yoga isn’t limited to Abrazo’s… Yoga Ma offers a variety of unmatched outside yoga and meditation experiences in Santa Fe and beyond!

Yoga Ma has an extraordinary connection with nature that shines bright with every guided Wild Yoga experience. Let her guide your Spirit on an adventure and deeply connect with the earth and sky.

Personal Retreats

Yoga Ma applies her experience and knowledge to guide individuals on a personal journey during an outside yoga and meditation retreat.

Wild Yoga Hiking

No ceilings. No walls. Just an unforgettable hiking adventure. Yoga and meditation in the serene forest of Santa Fe.

Magical Tours

Yoga Ma invites you to rest and renew during a guided magical tour of sacred mountain trails. Experience Santa Fe like never before!

For those busy lives that do not typically allow for this deep contact with the earth and sky, it’s a connection your Spirit is craving! This connection expands us and moves us beyond our everyday way of seeing who we are…

Outside Yoga and Meditation Testimonials

People Love Wild Yoga with Yoga Ma

Every journey is different. But every journey led to an unforgettable experience.

“…Really, I would like to write you a love letter! With this retreat you have created a beautiful environment, safe and open, as well as lighthearted, contained setting in which practicing with spirituality becomes an accessible undertaking. Your yoga classes are rich in variations while consistent in structure. I am ever so grateful for your wonderful example, because it is so amazing to witness how you actually live what you teach…”

Annette C.

“…As a beginner, this retreat exceeded my expectations for a positive experience. It has encouraged me to make yoga an important part of my life from now on, to share with my wife and new yoga partner…”

Forrest R.

“…Yoga in the wild”  included a woodland walk in the hills of Santa Fe.  It’s a fun and relaxing getaway in your own back yard!  Grab your friends, family or colleagues for a short retreat – tailored to your specifications.  Enjoy the peace of the breeze in the pines, the sun on your back and total silence.  Experiencing yoga outside is such a treat – a comfortable open area with overhead protection.  Barbara’s gentle nature puts one at ease and sets the tone for relaxation…”



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