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A guided group experience in the truest form of yoga.

Wild Yoga Is The True Essence of Yoga.

Immerse yourself in New Mexico’s wild and discover the true meaning of yoga… Oneness. Connection. Union with all that is. Join a scheduled gathering today!


The best outside yoga space in Santa Fe, NM. A sandy beach surrounded by an ocean of trees nestled in the wild.


Uniting the mind, body, and spirit delivers an inner balance that transpires beyond the physical practice – it brings balance to life.


Deeper exploration leads to a greater awareness of unity and connection with all that is.


Individuals of all ages and skill levels are invited to join Yoga Ma’s Wild Yoga gatherings..

Gain understanding, connection, & community. Join a gathering today!

Gathering Schedule

During the winter season, Wild Yoga Gatherings will be held in Yoga Ma’s Mongolian Yurt. The Mongolian Yurt is nestled away in the forest of Santa Fe and can host 1-3 individuals per gathering. If you’d like to join a gathering or create your own Wild Yoga experience please fill the contact form below!

People Love Attending Wild Yoga

Tourists. Locals. Groups. Special Events. No matter what led them to the best outdoor yoga experience in Santa Fe, they loved Wild Yoga!

David M.

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