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Yoga Ma’s Magical Mystery Tours.

Wild Yoga Retreats.

Worldly artists showcasing talent. Wild Yoga offers unmatched experiences to connect you with all that is.

Unmatched Yoga Experiences.

There’s no denying COVID has presented many challenges within our lives. It also has presented an opportunity to rediscover Mother Nature and who we are on a personal level. If you’re seeking a deeper connection within and with all that is, then Wild Yoga events with Yoga Ma is for you.

Whether it’s a magical tour of the forest…a personal retreat designed for you…creating a live music event. Wild Yoga events with Yoga Ma offers experiences unlike any other.


Immerse yourself into a world of yoga in the wild. Let nature embrace and encourage you on your journey.


Uniting the mind, body, and spirit delivers an inner balance that transpires beyond the physical practice – it brings balance to life.


Deeper exploration leads to a greater awareness of unity and connection with all that is.


Wild Yoga events with Yoga Ma are open to individuals of all ages and skill level. You are invited on a guided adventure of Spirit!

Wild Yoga Mystery Tours with Yoga Ma

Magical Tours of Santa Fe, NM

Locals and tourists alike, Yoga Ma is invies you to experience the mountain trails and sacred spots in Santa Fe, NM.

For those whose busy lives that do not typically allow for this deep contact with the earth and sky, it’s a connection your Spirit craves! Expand yourself and move beyond your everyday way of life.

Personal Retreats

Yoga and meditation in Nature. You’ll co-design your yoga retreat with Yoga Ma so your vision of retreat is honored. Contact Yoga Ma today to design your own Wild Yoga Retreat.

Wild Yoga Hiking

A Wild Yoga hiking adventure can be tailored to your every need. Schedule your adventure any day of the week to experience yoga and meditation in the quiet nurturing forest of Santa Fe.

Live Music Exhibits

Immerse yourself in the outdoor world of tranquility with special music events from worldly artists. Contact Yoga Ma to create or attend an unforgettable experience.

In the midst of our changing times, deeply connecting with Mother Earth is essential to keeping our balance, our joy, and our light shinning.

People Love Attending Wild Yoga

Tourists. Locals. Groups. Special Events. No matter what led them to the best outdoor yoga and meditation experience, they loved Wild Yoga!

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