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Whether you need a private one-on-one session or a private group session, Wild Yoga with Yoga Ma offers the best yoga and meditation experiences.

Wild Yoga Is The True Essence of Yoga.

Are you searching for peace and tranquility? A deeper exploration of oneself? An experience to build natural synergy with others? Wild Yoga with Yoga Ma is your answer.

From a private healing journey to a bonding experience within a group, Wild Yoga is the perfect choice for your private yoga session. Yoga Ma is an inspirational force guiding private yoga experiences, book your private session now!

Individual Sessions

Team Builder Sessions

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The best outside yoga space in Santa Fe, NM. A sandy beach surrounded by an ocean of trees nestled in the wild.


Uniting the mind, body, and spirit delivers an inner balance that transpires beyond the physical practice – it brings balance to life.


Deeper exploration leads to a greater awareness of unity and connection with all that is.


Individuals of all ages and skill levels are invited to join Yoga Ma’s Wild Yoga gatherings..

Let the true essence of yoga guide you on your journey. Book a Private Gathering.

People Love Attending Wild Yoga

Tourists. Locals. Groups. Special Events. No matter what led them to the best outdoor yoga experience in Santa Fe, they loved Wild Yoga!

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