Wild Yoga Gatherings

Groups. Private. Events. The best outside yoga experience in Santa Fe awaits you

Outside Yoga in Nature

We don’t do Yoga Classes. We do Yoga Gatherings.

Wild Yoga with Yoga Ma is about connection, deeper exploration, and the true essence of Yoga. It’s so much more than what today’s culture has turned yoga into. That’s why the term “Yoga Class” just doesn’t fit with the guided experience Yoga Ma delivers. The experience is a gathering!

Scheduled Gatherings

5-10 people per gathering | 2 gatherings twice a week

Immerse yourself into a wild yoga world and discover the true definition of yoga. Day or night, deepen your connection within and with all that is.

Private Wild Yoga Sessions

Individual Sessions | Group Sessions

Join Yoga Ma for a Private Wild Yoga Session. Private group sessions are ideal for bonding experiences such as wedding parties, family reunions, etc.

Wild Yoga Events

Hikes & Retreats | Entertainment

Whether you are seeking silence and peace or a magical experience with worldly artists, A Wild Yoga Event with Yoga Ma is an experience you need.


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