It’s time for us all to remember the true definition of yoga…

Union with all that is.

The Best Outdoor Yoga in Santa Fe, NM

Wild Yoga with Yoga Ma isn’t your average outdoor yoga…it’s a guided adventure in the Wild! You’ll discover the true nature of yoga either at her outdoor space Abrazos: a sandy “beach” in the forest, or in the colder seasons, at her Mongolian Yurt in the forest. Experience New Mexico’s Wild on a deeper level by creating your Wild Yoga experience today!

The Best Outdoor Yoga Experience

What is Wild Yoga?

Yoga Ma takes outdoor yoga beyond a physical exercise regimen into an exploration of Oneself. With sand beneath your feet and towering trees embracing the space, you will feel a tangible, natural, and caring energy…that is Abrazos!

When you embark on a Wild Yoga adventure, you’ll experience a practice that invites the mind and body to experience the true nature and intention of yoga… Oneness. Connection. And Union with all that is.

About Yoga Ma

Wild Yoga is a way of Life

Yoga Ma is passionate about Yoga embraced in the Wild! In her gatherings, she guides others on an adventure of Spirit as the true nature of yoga is remembered. Yoga is so much more than flexibility. It is knowledge of unity and peaceful energy within Spirit. Create your own Wild Yoga experience today!

The Benefits of Outdoor Yoga with Yoga Ma

Why join an Outdoor Yoga Gathering?

Whether you’re a local or on vacation…

A yogi or a beginner…

On a personal journey or joining another’s…

Wild Yoga is the best yoga experience in nature for anyone ready to discover the true meaning of yoga.


Experience a miracle of nature…a sandy beach surrounded by an ocean of trees nestled in the Wild of Santa Fe, NM.


Individuals of all ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to create a Wild Yoga experience with Yoga Ma.


The true intention of yoga is to wake us up into knowing we are much more than the usual vision of ourself.


Wild Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits such as strength, healing, and energy.


Dive into a deeper exploration and to gain greater awareness of unity and connection with all that is.


Activate inner balance beyond the physical practice by bringing balance to One’s life.

In the midst of our changing times, deeply connecting with Mother Earth is essential to keeping our balance, our joy, and our light shinning

Outdoor Yoga in Santa Fe Testimonials

Everyone Loves Wild Yoga

“…As a yoga tourist to Santa Fe, the highlight by far was Barbara’s Wild Yoga, a perfect trifecta of yoga, meditation, and hiking in the gorgeous hills around Santa Fe. The experience was seamlessly woven together. . . I couldn’t wait to do it again! And when I did, it was a different experience, but equally as enchanting! I so enjoyed meeting and practicing with you! Don’t know if I’ll see you here in Guatemala or in Santa Fe, but I am sure we will meet again!…”


“…And as a healer and facilitator myself, it is especially meaningful to find a teacher where I feel such integrity and knowledge that transcends just the physical awareness of yoga. She transmits a deep love and knowingness that permeates the whole space to allow healing and renewal of one’s consciousness…”

Sarah West

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