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Wild Yoga Testimonial

A most magical day - hiking to a secret, blissful place buried in the forest for yoga, followed by a picnic next the Santa Fe River, and then the joy of expressing yourself through art in ways you would not have thought possible - definitely a 'Magical Mystery Tour' with the exceptional guidance of Barbara and Lauren - don't miss this experience! --Kitty B.

I am writing today to share with you the experience I had with Barbara Powell of Wild Yoga when I was in Santa Fe for Spanish Market in July.  When I lived in Santa Fe I practiced yoga with Barbara several days a week.  I was so thrilled to find that she is still teaching and has created this wonderful experience called Wild Yoga.  I have not practiced in a long time and was thrilled to have this awesome outdoor experience with her.  She worked with me at my pace and the space she has created is remarkable. The space she has created is up by the St. John's College; it is shaded, padded, peaceful and simply wonderful.  I would recommend that you try and schedule a time with her so you can share this remarkable experience with your guests.  Before I left Las Palomas I left several of her cards at the front desk.  Barbara can be reached at 505-577-6206.  Thank you and have a great day!

"Yoga in the wild"  included a woodland walk in the hills of Santa Fe.  It's a fun and relaxing getaway in your own back yard!  Grab your friends, family or colleagues for a short retreat - tailored to your specifications.  Enjoy the peace of the breeze in the pines, the sun on your back and total silence.  Experiencing yoga outside is such a treat - a comfortable open area with overhead protection.  Barbara's gentle nature puts one at ease and sets the tone for relaxation.  Donna, Santa Fe

As a yoga tourist to Santa Fe, the highlight by far was Barbara's Wild Yoga, a perfect trifecta of yoga, meditation, and hiking in the gorgeous hills around Santa Fe. The experience was seamlessly woven together. . . I couldn't wait to do it again! And when I did, it was a different experience, but equally as enchanting! I so enjoyed meeting and practicing with you! Don't know if I'll see you here in Guatemala or in Santa Fe, but I am sure we will meet again!Love and best wishes, Rae"

Personal Retreat Testimonial

Hi Barbara... It took about a week for me to reintegrate after the retreat. What an opportunity to immerse myself with processing. I'm so grateful for your generosity with your unique & freeing space. I felt very held there while in a vulnerable emotional place. Ohhhh and the fragrance of the pines soothed me so! --Beth

Mexico Retreats Testimonials

"The rooms, staff, classes, participants and thunder of the ocean were fantastic. Thanks for this amazing experience."--TRUSTING THE MYSTERY

"My sisters and I couldn't have had a more blessed encounter!  I asked for a mind calming experience and got even more….a quiet hike in the beautiful forest outside Santa Fe and meditation in a very special serene space.   We were all seeking guidance to calm our lives and minds and you showed us the way with your comforting voice and loving words.  You ended the occasion with slow, calming yoga to relax our bodies.  You have a wonderful gift Barbara and it’s obvious you take it seriously and work hard to perfect it.  But you make it look so effortless!   Thank you so much for sharing that gift with me and my sisters." Feedback from Yoga Ma's MAGICAL MYSTERY TOURS.

Balance of meditation and yoga

"I loved the balance of meditation and yoga and the clarity and honesty of your shared thoughts and focus. You did a terrific job of meeting all different student levels of yoga practice. Really this entire experience has been more than I'd dreamed. The energy you create is so lovely, delicious -- makes one want to continue the journey into the now."

As a beginner, this retreat exceeded my expectations for a positive experience. It has encouraged me to make yoga an important part of my life from now on, to share with my wife and new yoga partner!"--Forrest R

An intelligence and depth that goes beyond words

"I’ve taken a gazillion yoga classes and I was so touched by Barbara’s presence and style. Her class helped me move something deep inside of me that I really needed support in and I actually experienced a profound healing and upliftment. She has an intelligence and depth that goes beyond words. You will experience such wonderful level of grace and support when you come to her retreats that will nourish your whole being and help you in every aspect of your life whether its physical health, mental, spiritual emotional and help you with achieving the harmony in your life that you desire!! She’s a real Yogi in the best and most authentic sense of the word." "The yoga sessions were more than I could ever have hoped for -- fit my every mood. Loved the free periods and the small group sessions. I will NEVER forget this week. I look forward to not only next year, but to every morning from here on. I can't wait for the rest of my life to unfold. You are a remarkable woman. A true inspiration." Rhonda S.

"Thank you again for your wonderful way of being. You are a guiding light. Thank you for all the energy you put into the handouts and into the sense of loving support that you emanate. The yoga sessions were all excellent. Barbara, you have a great gift in the words of inspiration you use as well as naming the phases of each evolving pose. Being with you was all and more than I had imagined." David M.

"The yoga was wonderful as it always is. I appreciate your starting more gently and increasing in intensity as the week progressed. I know that these things don't just come together without a good deal of work and care, and I appreciate your efforts. The thoughts and questions generated by the exercises will stay with me long after we have left Sayulita. Your care and thoughtfulness in all aspects of the retreat made for a wonderful experience." Nancy R.

A deep love and knowingness that permeates the whole space to allow healing and renewal of one’s consciousness

And as a healer and facilitator myself, it is especially meaningful to find a teacher where I feel such integrity and knowledge that transcends just the physical awareness of yoga. She transmits a deep love and knowingness that permeates the whole space to allow healing and renewal of one’s consciousness." Sarah West

"I hope you will continue to show the world your beautiful and positive presence. Thank you so much for this unforgettable week of self-growth for me. The sessions had great fluidity and variety. The pace was great and everything transitioned so smoothly. Always a welcoming and caring atmosphere. 'A mind stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.'" Caitlin R.

"Really, I would like to write you a love letter! With this retreat you have created a beautiful environment, safe and open, as well as lighthearted, contained setting in which practicing with spirituality becomes an accessible undertaking. Your yoga classes are rich in variations while consistent in structure. I am ever so grateful for your wonderful example, because it is so amazing to witness how you actually live what you teach." Annette C.


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Retreat in the Mountains
of Santa Fe with Yoga,
Meditation and Nature
Yoga Ma Barbara can assist you in designing your dream retreat, be it a day, a weekend, a week, or longer depending upon availability. Individual private sessions are also available at the cabin retreat by appointment.

As a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, Yoga Ma Barbara can offer guidance in the physical postures and breath work...More


"It's a particular pleasure to introduce the mountain trails and sacred spots to individuals whose busy lives do not typically allow for this deep contact with the earth and sky.

For those who are interested, I regularly include these magical spots in the private sessions I offer in Santa Fe." More...


Contact Yoga Ma for Earth Journey: Garden Yoga workshops in your area, and/or gather with other interested parties in your community and contact us to create an organic garden in your neighborhood. In these workshops you will learn the bio-dynamic organic gardening principles from Juaquin Lawrence Hershman in conjunction with proper body dynamics taught by Yoga Ma that will support your comfort and joy in successfully growing your own healthful organic food.