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...nestled in the Ponderosa Pines in the heart of Santa Fe’s national forest… a cozy, pristine cabin retreat available for your personal rest and renewal in spectacular natural surroundings. Conveniently located in the Sangre de Christo mountains on the eastside of Santa Fe (only ten minutes drive or easy hike to the Plaza,) the complete sense of privacy and quiet here is reminiscent of another world.  Hiking/biking/jogging/snowshoeing trails abound, and solitude and silence are in abundance.

Retreat in the Mountains
of Santa Fe with Yoga,Meditation and Nature

Yoga Ma Barbara can assist you in designing your dream retreat, be it a day, a weekend, a week, or longer depending upon availability. Individual private sessions are also available at the cabin retreat by appointment.

As a yoga and meditation practitioner and teacher, Yoga Ma Barbara can offer guidance in the physical postures and breath work, as well as the more metaphysical aspects of the practice. Her own personal practice is deeply influenced by the teachings of the dharma.

The intention is that each retreat be co-designed between the participant and Yoga Ma so that each individual’s particular vision of retreat is honored. You are also welcome to choose to do your personal retreat without guidance if you prefer.


This is my last day/night in the cabin. a too short stay for sure, be it 3 nights or 300! i had no idea what i was coming to experience as we made plans . . .it happened with a momentum all it's own; i simply complied. "it" knew what i needed better than i. the gift of opening up your home to strangers says so much about you-your capacity and desire to share this special place. it amazes me that "strangers" can find a connection all their own to your home! when you walked me to the door, introducing me to the cabin, i felt an unconditional welcome . . .an embrace . . i felt safe. lesson learned from the cats (i can't keep their names straight, so to me they are long-tail and cloud) so easily set to purring: it really can be easy to find something to be happy about-or nothing in particular-just purr because you can! i let go of so much baggage that serves no purpose but to steal positive energy and wholeness . . . peace . . .quiet . . .comfort . . .stillness . . .a sense of belonging . . .all felt upon entering and throughout my stay. even though other people have stayed here, you often live here, it seemed like the cabin was here for me only--ever! no left-over auras; i idi not feel like a visitor. absolutely filled me to bursting!! my heart lifts to you in thanks i will be back -- kim

Flashback images in my vision . . .warmth in my heart . . .stillness in spirit . . . purpose . . .love it all!! While in the cabin, time seemed to slow down, like being in another dimension. Upon leaving, it seemed like time flew by.  upon arriving to my house, it seemed like i was at the cabin forever . . .and thoughts are of returning for a longer stay! Adding the healing aspect sounds like a perfect fit.  i love what you have & are creating.  Thank you for honoring me by sharing the gift of a stay at the cabin. -- kim